As of 31st March 2015,the continent based music network Channel O Africa will be no more.This is according to a press release by its parent company MNet who said they were handing over the reigns to Africa Magic.On the said date,the channel will stop airing on DSTv channel 320 and GOTv channel 70

This comes as shock to many who have come to truly appreciate the music channel especially through it’s support of African music.The channel sponsored the Channel O Africa Video Music Awards and other programs.Though the transmission will be cut in other African countries,South Africa,which is where the channel is based,will continue enjoying the services.
MNet said it was focusing on regional preference of music and as such,as of 1st April;
Africa Magic World will be showcasing the best of West African music in a one hour show.East Africans will also not be left behind as Maisha Magic Swahili will promote talent from their region.
With that said and written,who is ready to weep with me…?



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