Wazzup pop fans…It’s Thursday,and that means it’s time to play some #TBT Trivia of a fave local celeb…this one you will crack I bet.So,ready for some action?

He appeared in a somewhat cameo role in the popular Tabasamu show as a toy boy of a wealthy mamacita back in the day.
He featured in several music videos before launching his own music career with a song titled ‘254’ which got a somewhat bad critical review by Kenyans.
Claim to fame
Shuga shuga shuga….when Lupita starred as Ayira,our TBT man made his debut as a young ‘hunter’ living the fast lane.He took the radio by storm when he got the job as a presenter.
Current career
Acting has really been his main hustle,modelling too and he is the male version of Vera Sidika(only that he is bleach-free and he has a hard toned body and no ‘bum bum’).
And in 5,4,3,2…take your guess….
Almost there……..


Aha! And now…let’s split the work by you putting the name to that delicious hunk!


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