“You don’t have to be famous to be unforgettable..” This is one of those very interesting quotes you come across and as a pop culture fan,it hits you like a ray of sun on an early morning

The glitz,the glam and especially the mullah,don’t we all want fame?Making headlines in those racy tabloids and gracing magazine covers will be as common as walking barefoot in your bathroom.And if it all goes according to plan,we will be catching an episode of “Keeping Up With Mr/Miss Fame-Hungry”.
But why do we want this?Simple,we all want to “live forever”.To live in people’s mind.As normal humans,it is best to be associated with the good stuff.Some people will take screenshots of their naked behinds,others will leak information of heads of states,others will dare to have their whole bodies covered in bees.Yet,others,will help others with their whole heart,they will lead people using all their wisdom,they will sacrifice their life for a single purpose.
Fame is not really necessary,but living in people’s mind is our chief desire.In pop culture though,since we don’t take it all too seriously,some of us do all the nice stuff,plus the rather not so good stuff in an attempt to be “unforgettable” because we believe that on your way to being unforgettable,you might land at fame.That’s pop culture for you! So,to be famous or unforgettable,you chose!


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