Its a T.I.F


WomanCrush:That’s probably what’s going in your mind as you look at Sarah Hassan in that stunning dress by a local designer. T.I.F,well,I am guessing you are thinking I am about to talk about Tiffany,the jewellery company..but nope
Top In Fashion(T.I.F) is my topic today on this chilly day.Paris,Jo’burg, Nairobi…fashion destinations offering choice designs of clothes.In this season of autumn,certain trends are certainly visible across the three cities and in runways of fashion capitals such as Milan.Long coats,furry coats,bright hues of blue mostly…these are the looks that are driving the fashion sector currently.For local shoppers you can have a tailor made coat,or you can look for pieces in some of the leading shops and online boutiques.
Men,don’t worry,there are pieces for you too in the TIF sample.Take a look.



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