Empire Under Siege! Top grossing,critically acclaimed,highest ratings so far..we can go on and on about Fox’s popular tv series Empire but add to that list is that the show is being sued by none other than the real Empire
Empire,the show,follows the lives of the Lyon family who own one of the largest music record labels in the US of A(but it’s all fictional,otherwise if the ups and downs of such a family were real,goodness knows).So the big question is,why is the real Empire Music Distribution bothered by the use of the name on a fictional show?


According to them,the use of the name is infringing on the trademark of the real company.The ‘fake’ Empire,claims the real one,is even distributing the songs in the show(such a drip drop),using the name empire.This in turn is creating confusion in the market.
Real Empire say they tried resolving the issue off court but it seems that didn’t work out.So,here are my two cents:I personally would feel threatened should someone use my trademark to make his name,but at the same time,where was real Empire before?shouldn’t they have objected from the start?had they to wait till fictional Empire hit the high notes(almost literally)?In summary,I don’t have all the facts,you should also stay that way,after all,it’s pop culture…and when it comes to matters court,enjoy the drama from a distance.That’s pop culture for you my beloved fans! Oh,did I mention that real Empire was founded in 2010 with the likes of Kendrick Lamar?I guess I hadn’t,well,now you are in the know.


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