“Promoted to glory…a life well lived…It was time for his sunset..”This is perhaps what would have been in people’s lips,people who care for me on a day that would have been branded my funeral.Perhaps tears,tears of pain and loss…but no,it ain’t the case

A normal morning it was,but on this day,there was no water in the institution.I had woken up at around 5:30 am and together with a fellow roommate,went round the schools taps in dire search of bathing water.No luck,we returned to our room,leaving the Christian Union group praying.Minutes later,seated on my bed,waiting till 6:00am to go and continue searching hoping this time I would be lucky,something happened.
Screams,shouts…confusion in the first years’ hostel.I quickly woke up the other two roommates asking them what’s happening outside.It was dark outside,everyone was running through the back door of the hostel River Tana.The screams were coming from the main entrance,and this time,there was a continuous sound as if the main power supply had caught fire(or so I thought).
Panicky me took the blue loafers that were there and joined the other roommates and students as we headed off to the field.It was now about 5:50.I was now scared at my wits end.While in the field,I told the other students..”let’s go back,it must be the lights that have a problem”.By now,I could see red flashes in the sky,sparks that lit up the sky and the continuous terrifying sound continued.
Everyone knew those were gunshots, and I had to follow the other students,still confused.We were now at the fence,I lost hope,”will I manage to climb up that meshwork of a fence..?”…and I told God..”if it is your time,I am ready,just cleanse my soul”…But,I got some courage,after seeing my friend crossover and I climbed up,to the other side,unscathed,with just a few bruises.
I could hear some girls screaming from the other side,begging us(read boys) to help them climb through,but what could one have done.Some of the girls were lucky enough to have crossed over,and outside,we were running,a group of about 15 not knowing which way or even why we were running.
We reached a place,where we saw some of the students who had managed to escape,and for a moment we took reprieve.I got the chance to phone my mother and told her that I wasn’t certain whether the school was up in flames or it was just an attack.
From that point,two colleagues and I decided that we would go back and see what was really happening at school,before that option was terminated by the sound of more gunshots.
Now,we were running faster,toward the town center,in an area that is home to those we were somewhat running away from.Some students took shelter while some of us proceeded to the town center.
We got split up,I was left with a friend of mine.And soon,both of us were heading to the police station for protection where we met some more students.
It was official,Garissa University College was being attacked by Alshabab militants.From then on,we were just hearing reports if the many lives that were being lost.Our friends,colleagues… And all this while,I was in communication with someone on the inside,worried he wouldn’t make it,but I was glad he did.
As the saga came to an end,friends lost,lives changed forever,I just sit back at times,cry all alone,asking just how I survived,or why I survived…remembering that God woke me up that day just slightly early,and that I would also have perished,and the only thing I can say is,My God,thank you,thank you again,You are my eternal.And to my fallen comrades,in the after life,may His peace be with you till the end of forever till we meet my brothers and sisters who almost got to a death toll of 200.



  1. bridget regina says:

    bad experience but our God is the All,,,RIP fallen heroes,,alshababs ni cowards why not face KDF if they are men enough!!!


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