Game of thrones premiered on Sunday 12th April.As a pop culture fan I am sure you know about GOT but if you have been living under a rock I won’t ask you which rock you’ve been under but I will just give you 4 facts about Game of thrones
1.It is an American fantasy tv series that has managed to garner over 70million viewers(I hope you are one of them)
2.It premiered globally last Sunday(that is,the 5th season)
3.It’s first four episodes were stolen(or rather leaked online),before the official premier.
4.I have tried to ‘get hooked’ to it but I still don’t get what’s all the fuss about it(I was under a rock too,am starting to emerge to the thrones-world)
Well,that said(even though you didn’t hear my voice) and written,there are people and ‘things’ that are in a game of their own to conquer the existing thrones.
Main chic,Post to be,…you remind me of something…these are words that are synonymous to music listeners.Chris Brown’s songs are currently overheard in radios,clubs and our iPods.


No wonder the crowd.
Iggy Azealia has also made her way to the throne of fame by capitalizing on the beef that her rival Niki Minaj started.She is now Vogue-famous as Brits took her shopping for nice clothes recently and then captured all that in their ‘fashion Bible'(read Vogue UK). A game well played(sorry Niki).


So,to Chris and Iggy,I baptize you ‘Chrizalea’,let’s see how long you last on your thrones.
Buzz buzz buzz??
So,we heard that Vera Sidika got a one milli bed,Huddah the baus chick slept with a millionaire for money too(alleged),Pendo released a shocking video,Bahati and Willy Paul(gospel musicians)are beefing,blah blah blah.Nothing at home that’s buzzing.No heat, like Laura Oyier hot drama,or Kidero-slaps-who overrated scandal,or straight-celeb turns gay publicity stunt kind of buzz.Just the same ol’ same ol’. So,on the local scenes,no one is currently on the throne of being talked about endlessly(but that’s just one man’s opinion). But you know what they say,if you ain’t enjoying the current scandal,the next one is just around the corner!
Harsh harsh tags
We have been through a lot as a nation lately.The Garissa University College attack,the Kikuyu campus threat scare.It is no wonder that the hash tags on twitter are campaigning for change in security,justice for everyone and prayers for the countries.It’s serious business on social media,a harsh message to the parties on the wrong side.Trending hashtags include
1.#JusticeForLiz-two men found guilty of defiling a 16year old girl to be sentenced to 15 and 7 years jail term.They had been sentenced to just cutting grass the previous year,time for justice.
2.#147NotJustANumber-Kenyans are mourning the loss of over a hundred students after Al-Shabab attacked a university in North Eastern Province.Citizens are asking the government to take more measures to ensure Kenyans of security and peace.
These are the tags that have found their way to the throne of social media though having played no game.
That’s my Game of thrones premiere,tune in for more episodes right here on spread zone tv blog.It’s never that serious in pop culture though,play your way to the throne fans.


6 thoughts on “A GAME OF THRONES

  1. chomba says:

    I’m hooked …when I say hooked I mean that something in the clan of harpoons has literary glued me to Game of thrones….care to join me?pssst…Peter Dinklage is quite a character-trust me


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