Tell a girl she is growing fat and she might lynch you,if she’s not planning to skin you already. For ladies,have the guts to tell a man he ain’t worth the salt(down under)and who knows,you might live to tell how you survived a thorough beating(worse than what nyeri women can do). Whisper to Kanyari’s diehard congregation that Kanyari is a con artist and they will book an appointment for you to be excorsized

Celebdom has it’s “don’t say out loud” kind of things, and if a celeb hears you say one of these quotes/sayings in public,well,I aint responsible for what will happen to you.


All fame is dangerous
What is the point of being a celebrity if all fame is dangerous?tell that to Nora Roberts,the novelist,she can keep her quote to herself if she doesn’t plan to be famous. If fame is dangerous,then you will know what real danger is if you blurt it out to a celeb.
Money can’t make you happy
Like puhhhliz…then how would Meek Mills manage to buy Nicki Minaj a $500k bling ring. From what I garner,Nicki was happy about it. Lizz Njagah and her Greek god were or did start a reality show,inspired by none other than the Kardashians. If money is not a motivation,I don’t know what is. So,money,in whatever form,buys happiness,kapish,topic closed.
Beauty is just but vanity
Hope Vera Sidika or Huddah don’t hear you say that beauty is vanity. Beauty to them,to Kenyan socialites rather,is their ticket to meals. Ever heard of a witch hunt??(hope it doesn’t happen to you)
Old is gold
Do you know why botox,boob job,facelift,gym,anti-ageing creams and photoshop were invented?let me tell you,because being old totally SUCKS. PS:That’s only in celebdom,some of us still value some good old wise brains(but no old skin).
Social media has made us antisocial
Honey,if you think,no,IMAGINE that social media has made us antisocial,you should totally get off social media. Celebs have never been happier since Mark Zuckerberg and the twitter dudes invented those platforms. So,if you are a lobby group for banning social media,we(read celebs) are planning to kick you out of earth.
All good things must come to an end
Frankly,even I wouldn’t want to hear that but its the sad reality but what’s sadder is that our celebs want none of that.
So,if you planning on shaking things up a little bit in celebdom,you know what to say. Though I highly doubt that you want to live in a Justin Bieber or Kimye-free world. It’s never that serious dear fans.



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