We are sure going to miss that smile on TVD but it’s confirmed that Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert is leaving the show. It was emotional for her as seen in some of her pics as she shot her last set. She has played her character for 6 years and these are some things we know

1.She had to act alongside Ian Sommerhalder despite them having broken up a long time ago;they were a couple in real life and when they broke up,she had to act beside him for 6 freaking years! That’s quite a trial
2.She hasn’t landed any major roles despite her TVD fame. Maybe it’s time for her to look for greener pastures.
3.She wont be appearing in the 7th season of TVD(tragic)
4.Her absence will leave a major cliffhanger for TVD.
Dear Spreadzoners,what do you think we should do,audition for her role or mourn her departure? I know,we can do both coz we strong!(to all ladies out there,don’t say there are no jobs now)
Let’s have one more look of her on TVD


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