Are you bored at home?maybe,that I  am not sure of but do you want to watch new shows that are offering something new
,fresh new storylines,characters and be part of new followers of these new shows??that I guess you want to be part of

Follow the story of medical practitioner-turned-zombie who in order to survive has to eat the brain of the dead. This amazing series is from the creator of Veronica Mars and its a no-brainer that this one is likely to keep you glued
The Royals
Glamorous,partylicious and always on the cover of tabloids. This is the story of the fictitious British royal family and it’s produced by E! TV network,so expect a lot of glam,dirt and lots of dirt!
Ever thought what travelling back to time would feel like or even what you would see and the experience would be like?? Follow the Outlander nurse as she goes back almost a hundred years ago. Guess what she finds there….it’s the L-word and loads of it,so expect to see some hanky panky!
For this one,I can only give the official tag line: a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home. Anyone smelling deep family drama??
Better call Saul
“A lawyer who will do anything and everything to stay away from a court of law” these are the words of the producer,who happens to be behind Breaking Bad’s success. Need I say more,sorry,write more?
Get to the net and start looking for streaming websites for you to watch these hot shows. Or wait till their completion and do it the Kenyan way of downloading then burning.



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