Prince George has a new sibling,a girl for that matter. The Duchess of Cambridge,Kate Middleton in layman’s language,gave birth to a beautiful girl and the world is just in a happy,ecstatic(especially the ladies) and congratulatory mood for the royal family. Of course I just love me some kids and royalty;uber rich and ultra elite and on that note, here are some interesting things about the new bundle of joy

1. She weighs 8pounds(lbs) and 3 ounces(oz). Super healthy.
2. She will be fourth in line to the royal crown.
3. Her christening might be today or two days away(they are the royal family,they decide when to announce the name)
4. She might actually generate income for the British economy as people around the world shop for momentos and make visits to UK.
Little Prince George has the responsibility of looking out for sis. At least he is showing support because he and daddy went to pick up mom and sis from the hospital. Seems dad’s already teaching him how to be a ‘Prince Charming’.Lovely!


SIDENOTE: If that ain’t beauty I don’t know what is. The beautiful ones are now being born.
Okay,enough looking at her,you’ll be too old by the time she ripens. Yes you young man reading this,stop it,stop it already.


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