Hip hop music is on and in full blast. If you have been listening to most songs nowadays you will realize that they have a touch of hip hop/rap in them. Nice vocals,strong lyrics and heavy messages,to top it all off,we ain’t complaining. Here is a playlist that will make you bust some moves

1. See you again-Wiz Khalifa(mr skinny) ft Charlie Puth- a great song paying tribute to deceased actor Paul Walker
2. G.D.F.R(Going Down For Real)-Flo Rida,Sage The Gemini and Lookas-with this hit,you definitely know that it’s going down for real
3. Truffle Butter-Nicki Minaj ft Drake and Lil Wayne- my oh my,with a super squad like this one,expect nothing but the very best of hippy hoppy hot!
4. Post to be- Omarion ft Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko-every young person has this hit as their ringtone by now I bet
5. Blessings-Big Sean,Drake and Kanye West- if you truly want to piss off haters and tell them to f**k off,Big Sean of the “I Don’t F**k With You” hit song has another bombshell for dem haters.
Plus,the freestyle dance moves that come with hip hop/rap are everything to go by. This week treat yourself to nothing but pure hip hop and join me as we sing along with the other die hard fans. Though frankly at times I barely get the words,but I love the beats. Those are the songs that are doing it for me,what of you?(be kind and share your hip hop playlist,it won’t bite I promise)


Note to Wiz:invite me to your concert next time,on you of course


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