On top of the game! That is mostly what rings in your mind when you are a young urbanite,a true pop culture fan. When it comes to fashion,you know and probably even own the latest fashion pieces,have you listened to the new jam by musician A? It’s your ringtone already. So,what happens when you are needed to be in the know but you are currently part of team “I don’t know”?
Baby,sing for me please
Sauti Sol have collaborated with Avril and your bae hinted to you that she likes the song and you said you already in the know. Of course you do,it’s YOU,always on top. We’ve accepted that and moved on,until she calls you and says she and her friends are waiting for you to sing THAT song,THE song. So now we know you don’t know. Loser.
No,you did not just say that
The boys are discussing the Mayweather win over Manni and you happen to be standing next to your boy. Technically speaking,you are part of the debate. Ever one in the know,you butt in,” Floyd will bag 180million shillings from the win”,and the guy next to you says,”correction,it’s 180m pounds,British pounds”. Lesson:never play the journalist when you are with dem boys girlie.
Hakuna Matata
Festivals,concerts,parties- you will take your bae to where it’s popping and you sure do know how to dress for the occasion. You even tell her you’ll be rocking a snoodie(fancy word even for me). You are finally there. And only YOU is wearing a snoodie. Oh,you said hakuna matata,right?
Hubby,that’s my hobby
You’ve seen him reading books and some novels too. You just wanna nail that hunkie dearie,and we don’t blame you,we blame biology. Reading is your hobby,you even give a few titles you’ve read(Pacesetter series of course) and that novel by Nora Roberts. Wow,Nora Roberts,do you remember that part where Silas kidnaps the girl? Nope,you’ve turned red and in your head you are just singing Somebody wants you,Somebody needs you,but sadly he’s not in your head. You’ve blown it.
No stress though,it’s pop culture and nothing lasts that long so it’s already passed. If this has happened to you,better stick to Spread Zone for all the latest pop trends.


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