Villa Rosa Kempinski is one hotel where I am sure you’d like to spend at least a night. Louis Vuitton is every fashion lover’s dream designer wear. Floyd Mayweather has many admirers currently,I’ve heard everyone wants to have 66 kgs. So,given the chance to chose what you want in this world,what would you like most?

1. A Versace suit for a job interview or the latest Nike Airmax shoes?
2. $10 million cheque or Chris  Kirubi’s estate?
3. Shagging Selena Gomez or a simple dinner date with blogger Sharon Mundia?
1. Free shopping at Prada or Size 8’s whole wardrobe plus shoes?
2. Attending a Chris Brown concert or co-hosting a show with Nick Mutuma?
3. Appearing on the cover of Vogue or spending a day at the spa(manicure,pedicure and facial)?
I don’t know about you but I would chose things like a Versace suit,or $10m cheque. I am very focused. I am a serious and future-minded man. Okay okay shagging Selena wouldn’t hurt either. Sorry Ess.


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