The famous photo(above) which has driven Kenyan men mad,the admirers of course,is one of the stories that made it big this week among others I have sampled for you


Flaunt it Zoe
Yeap,your eyes have no problem,that is one among six photos that Zoe Kravitz took for her may cover of Flaunt magazine. She is the daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and starred in XMEN;First Class as Angel Salvadorre. Yes Salvadorre,we adore.
Lupita misses the Met Gala 2015


On set is a photo of her shooting for her role of Mata Kanata on the seventh installation of Star Wars. While everyone else was looking glam on the set of New York’s fashion biggest night where was she? Was she not invited or was she afraid she would show up in the same tacky green jungle-like dress she had worn to the same event last year? That’s for her to answer I guess.
Birthday boys


  Enrique Iglesias is officially 40(years of course,not kgs) today!


And Chris Breezy recently celebrated his 26th birthday in Vegas. Sorry that you weren’t invited,but the things he did during that bash,we are so glad you stayed at home.
That’s the week from the internet and around the world. Oh,the royal baby is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. And congrats(halfheartedly) to Sharon Mundia as you prep to get hitched.


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