Is this happening,like is this freaking happening?what,you ask,is the new upcoming clothing line named TransJenner. Yes,somebody is intent on making the BruceJenner-turns-FemaleJenner fiasco into a money-making-scheme

This somebody is one named Philip Maltin and here is the lowdown;
*Philip Maltin is filing an application to trademark TransJenner for his upcoming clothing line
*The line will deal in men’s and women’s athletic gear-headbands,socks,ties,dresses,blouses
*He couldn’t explain why that name and what his intentions are
*He is open to a Bruce Jenner partnership.
This guy is either;
1. A hustler with Kenyan blood in him,I mean c’mon
2. An attention-seeking businessman trying to market his new line,he just got a convenient name
3. A disillusioned guy who wants in on the Kardashian-Jenner wealth.
If I were Bruce Jenner I would;
*Start a rival fashion line named PhilipBitchy
*…..after I ensure that TransJenner doesn’t see the day of light
*….and finally proceed to have my operation into being a woman because it has always been my dream.
I hope we are very clear though that I am not Bruce, my name is Anthony,yes,now that we’ve cleared that up no problemo.
You see,I can give advice too. I am a nice person. Or as a Spreadzoner what’s your take on this isht?


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