You see her on TV. You see her on runways of fashion shows as she tries to outdo the cat when it comes to cat walking. She is your friend,girlfie,relative. And she is almost everywhere. She is the modern woman. The question is,what is she looking for and what does she hope to get?

TV shows are presenting the modern woman as a very strong character. She is outspoken and will speak her mind when she deems situations are unfair to her. Jane Kazi of TV series Jane and Abel is presented as a strong,ambitious and determined businesswoman. Lulu of the Mali TV show is seen as a headstrong spoilt character. She will defy her mother because she wants to pursue her heart’s desire. Even if it is to her demise.
“Nah na diva is the female version of a hustler..” These are the lyrics of a song by a popular female musician. Kenyan songstress Habida in one of her songs says that the girls work hard for their money,and their pat on the back is a “girls’ night out”. Socially conscious female musicians are using the music platform to pass the memo that they can make it on their own. They can have a good time and can dominate too. That’s why in some music videos you see the female lead domineering over men tied up in chains,where the woman even at times whips the men.
Designers are creating collections that embrace the curvaceous woman. The modern woman is also seen in garments that reeeeaaaally show what their mama gave ’em. The modern woman’s dress code is:FEMININE WITH A TOUCH OF AUTHORITY. Men have protested by saying that women should stop wearing clothes traditionally,not only made,but meant for men. You’ll be surprised how women came to claim the trench coat as their own.
So what does the modern woman want?
  *Equality and fairness
  *Perhaps a global takeover
Can the world keep up? Spreadzoners,have your say.


Let not her stare intimidate you.


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