Hello y’all spreadzoners. Boredom,absence and dissapointment is something you will perhaps relate to when it comes to this blog,but guess what..not anymore
My hiatus,my very long hiatus has been one where I wanted to find some new inspiration. Better put, to find some new celeb and pop culture gossip but alas! I landed at beauty(see article cover) and a different kinda beauty. Flawless skin,light complexion and a killer Rihanna smile. That’s the kind of beauty we have come to embrace in the world of fashion and pop culture. Beauty is beyond what we see. It’s different,it’s varied,it’s diverse. The lady in that pic is not your average Naomi Campbell,but heck! The number of suitors lined up to marry her wouldn’t even fit in the Westminster Abbey Church.
It’s time for change in the fashion scene and a time for this blog to make a comeback. BACK WITH A BANG!


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