Music is magic…and do you know why? When hitting the gym or doing a workout,experts advise you have your iPod with you. Experts,yes,the same experts,or let’s say researchers,have found out that some type of music can ease up pain brought about by some illnesses or surgical operation. The best way to destress is by listening to some joints

Now,to business. It’s time you updated your playlist with these new songs
1. Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotion
2. Jason Derulo-Get ugly
3. Foxes-Body talk
4. Adam Lambert-Ghost town
5. Jennifer Hudson-I still love you
You can visit tubidy mobile search and search for the songs to download. You can also check the videos on youtube. That’s my playlist,erhm,my updated playlist of the week for you,what about you spreadzoner,any new joints you’d like to share?


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