OMW! Yes,it’s all over the press that the $9bn worth American Donald Trump is running for presidency come 2016. In my opinion anyone can run for any seat(though I am still in shock). If he wins,ahem,scratch that,should he win,what would Americans and the world expect

1. The President Apprentice
The tv-loving man as usual,would fund a show titled the President’s Apprentice drawing from his other shows The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. He would come to believe that he has now found the 10 easy steps to being a successful American prezo.
2. White House Tower
I forgot to mention that Trump is a real estate mogul,so the world should not be shocked if he names/renames one of the(read one of his) buildings White House Tower.
3. Vogue all the way
He would marry another very young,hot blondie… And make all men jealous and envious and then top it all up by appearing on the cover of fashion magazine Vogue like he once did.
4. He would hire all jobless Americans to work in his organizations. He would also help the poor nations by donating his $9bn because he will have amassed new wealth. Haha,I am kidding,his name is not Donald “Charity” Trump and this is not 1995,the economy is in a bad situation,really bad. All the best America.


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