#CampusVibeTour;Moi University Highlights


Excitement,hot music(gospel),a roaring crowd. These are some of the ingredients that made the night of 26th June 2015 at the Moi University Students’ Center. The Standard Media Group under their Standard Digital Entertainment(SDE) subsidiary is on a campus tour to promote their new campus magazine campus vibe and Moi Uni was in the hot list. The event was scheduled to kick off from 8pm till ‘late’ but as seeing this is Kenya,I will not add more to that but focus on the night itself

Performances and major acts
Exhilarating performances by gospel bigwigs such as Daddy Owen,Janet Otieno,Gloria Muliro,LJ Maasai,Pitson and Bahati made the night one heck of an awesome one. There were acts by B-lists artistes whose names are too hot to be mentioned here,lol. Dance crews such as Gospel Warriors also showed the stuff they made of. DJ Sadic was on point with his hands fully on deck. MC Dr Ofweneke pulled off the funny naija man we know him to be.
Thieves,you ask? These were the real show stealers of the night. When Bahati walked in,the crowd just went nuts and he came close to crying. My guess is he pitied his fans because they were on the verge of losing their minds and they’d have to spend some days at the Mathare Psychiatric Hospital. During one of the performances,a 2nd year student clad in white started busting some moves,a few metres away from the dias. People actually flocked to check him out,they probably wanted to learn some moves to use next time. His act split the crowd into two leaving the muso on stage dazed. There were other students who thought they’d give Gospel Warriors compe,of which they did. They were dancing like crazy away from the main buzz,catching the eye of photographers.
Talent comes with a price and the price is an award. Two of Moi Uni’s coolest writers Eddy Ashioya and Vivian got some gifts (which they didn’t open in public,shame,I wanted to befriend them). Those who tweeted most to the #CampusVibe hashtag such as Brian Kusero got a taste of the good stuff too.
Scandals of the night
Really? You expect me to dish the dirt and shame my uni simply because I am an entertainment and tabloid blogger?? No ways. Nope. Sorry. Duh!?..okay okay,for my fans, one word only…”TRUST”. Enough said.
The night was amazing but those were just highlights,a lot happened but for the sake of not boring you with a lot of stuff,I give you the tasty glimpse.


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