The foodie in me just couldn’t be contained and it manifested itself by me looking up celeb dishes. Perhaps I was hungry,or maybe I was thinking of a career as a chef. Our all time “bible” gave me these fave foods by celebs

1.Fried chicken
2. Greens such as kales and spinach
3. Cheese
4. Fruits such as pears(really?)
5. Spaghetti
6. Pizza
I was greatly dissapointed. No,I was massively dissapointed. Let’s just say that I was super-dissapointed. That is just to say the least. I THOUGHT CELEBS WERE FROM OUT OF THIS WORLD,DUH!? Eyes wide open,I am having lés mignon and creme bruillere to prove I am way ahead of the so called “it” crowd. P.S I don’t even freaking know how the above-mentioned foods look like. A guy can dream right?


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