Finally! After sweating it out by searching and searching and still searching,I have struck gold. The gold I am referring to is songs that celebrate Africa. Isn’t it unfair that there are very few contemporary songs by African artistes that speak about Africa? I bet you want to say me and my lazy self did not look up more songs about Africa right? Tell you what,if you can add 5 more songs to the playlist I will get you,err…anything….(but please consider that the times are tough and that I don’t earn anything for blogging,yet :-))

Enjoy the following jams that will make you proud of being an African
1.Nameless- I’m coming home
This song celebrates Kenya in particular and the pride we hold as a nation for the things we have
2.2Face Idibia- African Queen
This song by Nigerian hit maker proves the saying that “black don’t crack” and that African beauty is the best…now men,can I see a *wicked* smile
3. Shakira- Waka Waka
This FIFA world cup jam is a timeless one and the message is loud and very clear,IT’S TIME FOR AFRICA
4. Eric Wainaina ft Loyiso Bala- 8 goals for Africa
A song that was also performed at the closing ceremony of the 2010 FIFA world cup is one that gives Africans hope and something positive to focus on. Wait,what? You want me to outline those 8 goals as expressed in the song? Sorry,I am an African,and we like people to work things out themselves,that way they feel they’ve accomplished.
What other contemporary songs do you know celebrate Africa’s beauty and greatness? Comment and share your African heritage.


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