Starting off with a nasty rumor that Will and Jada might be getting a divorce after 18-effing-years of marriage!

They haven’t confirmed this yet and me thinks they shouldn’t even confirm. They have been wonderful together and breaking off ain’t right,but,who cares right? This is Hollywood and anything(or anyone)goes,literally so!*sigh*


Going on with love,relationships and drama,it’s Miley,again! Miley+hot Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell=Steamy kissing video going viral! Miley once said in a magazine interview that she was open to new things and that she doesn’t want to put herself in a fix by calling herself bi or straight…guess it was no shade,she’s bi,or at least showing bi tendencies. Umh,Miley,can we share Stella..she’s too hot,dzaaamn!
Klash of Kourtney Kardashian
The first born of the K sisters is having issues with her man again,coz clearly we ain’t gonna refer to him as huzy. Scott Disick was in the country of love,France getting cozy with his former flame Chloe Bartoli and this is putting a strain on their already fragile marriage. I mean dude, you shag THE Kardashian,ain’t that enough? And you have beautiful kids with THE Kardashian…? But I guess Scott took it to heart when the pastor said,face your neighbour and tell them,”woman,it’s not over”..{‘neighbour’ here being his ex}


Movie time! Who misses the Terminator? Well if you do,you’re in luck. There’s a sequel and it’s Terminator;Genisys starring Arnold(muscle man) and Emilia Clarke(the Game of Thrones dragon lady). Up for it?


And one look at Eva Longoria on the cover of InStyle magazine…killing at 40! Years of course. Ladies,time to hit the gym if u wanna shine it.
Your thoughts?


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