Yap, we talking local sins trending lately…that ratchet photo is from the Masaku 7’s that went down this weekend

Seeing that I am not digging this over-hyped Masaku thing,I am sitting this one out fellas
Nasty Weta!
Politicians are not known to be the nicest people,especially in Kenya,but this response from a politician like Wetangula is downright bitchy!


Moses Wetangula was rambling about the Weston Hotel saga and saying that it should be taken down. See,the thing is,when you come out guns blazing on someone,make sure the accused doesn’t have isht on you coz that’s what happened…someone asked him about another saga he had been involved in some time back(sins of the past). I don’t do politics a lot hence I am in the dark on what really went down,so let’s say his twitter account had been hacked!
Our dearest Lupita
Our girl Lupie was in the country(or still is?) and the one thing she did was dissapoint. She doesn’t know how to cook ugali yet it’s her fave meal. She snobbed her village-mates and only treated them to tea and samosa at her home coming. I can’t really blame her because this was her first visit and there was too much pressure for her to be this perfect little angel. We all slip once in a while. She’ll come around eventually and we shall smile again when we see her. Some things are just never that easy to handle
D- for Sauti Sol?
By D- I mean their performance(pun intended on the D-). There were allegations that Kenyan boy band really let the flag down at a performance in L.A while attending the BET Awards
“That wasn’t a Sauti Sol concert. There were a
series of pre-BET concerts in Los Angeles and
Sauti Sol were just one of the performers
involved in the show that was supposed to
feature the nominees from Africa. Most of the
nominees did not show up and probably that
is why people were not satisfied due to great
expectations. Besides, it was not a Sauti Sol
show,” Anyiko Owoko,their publicist told a local publication.
“Sauti Sol played for less than 15 minutes from
what was to be a four-hour show… clearly a
poor choice of tact. Secondly, the sound
system was horrible. It blared like a cheap,
second-hand concoction in a cheap bar in
River Road. Certainly not good image
portrayed in the City of Angles.
Lastly, efforts to get patron concerns
addressing the event organizers were met
with abuse and profanity (sic)”..that was a rant by an irate fan.
I still stand with positive criticism. They cleared the air but we all need to admit even our celebs go through tough times. Pressure is never easy on anyone. For the far we’ve come with the wonder boy band,we know it’s only a matter of time before they prove to the world yet again,why they are worthy of winning an MTV Africa Music Award later this year.
And that’s what we call localisation! Any hit local stories you’ve landed your ears(eyes) on??


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