He is one of the hottest gospel musicians in the country. Though I am a tad unsure as to whether I should use the word hot to refer to a gospel muso. So let’s start all over again. He is one of the ‘warmest’ gospel musicians in the country. Nah,still not there yet. Bahati is the main buzz in the gospel industry today. Fresh,vibrant and with that youthful energy to drive a crowd into a frenzy. Well,its time to strip him,break him and crush him and see if he’ll stand the heat! Ready? Girls,don’t worry,he’s a survivor…

Would Bahati survive at Gucci? He can work anywhere you say,but wait till you have girls involved. The ladies wouldn’t even look at the silk and cashmere that Gucci designs but would look at those white ebillionaireish smile and go like,”how much do you go for?” Sorry Baha, Gucci ain’t the place for you.
Goodness no! I wouldn’t even imagine Bahati turning into a wolf! Who would he bite? He’s too nice man. Long canines,hairy body,yellow eyes=gross. I would only have one message,”haters be warned,a big bad wolf is on the lose!”
#3.Billionaires Club
He sure is headed there with his talent but he is not yet there as of now. Would Boy B handle all the classiness and glam that comes with the tag ‘billionaire’ or would he fret? Maybe he would handle it,but no shade this chap would be too charitable with his mullah,so I say no billionares club for yah,let’s try trillionaire.
“Bad girl fidi gal dem…” The minute such words will roll out of his tongue, all his fans would sign a petition for him to see a doctor or receive anointing by the ‘Mighty Prophet of the Lord’ pastor Awour.
Lupita might have us and the world convinced that our dreams are valid but I mean c’mon,Bahati is no longer in class 2.
As it stands,our man of the moment is best suited in the gospel world where we truly like him for. Keep the good work Baha. Kudosfest to team Bahati.
It’s never that serious pop fans.


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