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One rule for reading this article; do not over analyse. You may not be a fan of Pendo’s songs but surely Huddah Monroe kills you daily right? Women in the entertainment scene in Kenya are just the best. They may be flawed yes,but perfectly flawed and we love them for this and…
1. They fab up TV and radio
TV anchors and radio presenters shouldn’t be classified as celebs or entertainers per se but do you tune   in to Kenyan tv by any chance? Designers normally think they have found brand ambassadors for their clothing lines because of the way Kenyan tv presenters stylishly deck. Radio presenters compensate by twanging and talking in Queen’s language as if they’re from London. They think Prince Harry will consider them for marriage so we can’t really blame but love. Capital FM we see you!
2. They look the part
Yaaassss! And those parts are to be looked at reaaaaaaaaaaally hard. C’mon,it’s what their mommas gave ’em and they should just shine it. Let me use a local actress as an eg…she is light-skinned,average height,lovely eyes….get the mental picture? Then how about the real her in flesh(and in clothes of course *wink*)? Love,love,love.
3. They be the strongest bunch ever
They will trolled in social media for their fake behinds,they will be bashed for being home-wreckers,but guess what,they won’t be intimidated and they’ll come out even stronger. These babes don’t crack and even if they do,they always get up. When you look at Mkamzee Mwatela of NTV’s Mali soapie,do you see a weakling at all? Mad love
4. They make us proud
See,when you sit on someone’s a$$,they’ll make a point that they are no joke. Lupita Nyong’o,STL,Maureen Koech,The Moipei Quartet…I can go on and on. And still go on and on. But I don’t want to go on and on. Those are the ones flying the Kenyan flag high internationally. It’s a kudosfest to them all.
So,to you ladies who want to join the entertainment industry,can you fit the shoe? It’s only size ‘4’. We need more ladies who’ll make a change and a positive impact in our local entertainment scene. Even looking good will be a positive impact*wicked smile*. The baton has been passed.


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