As I get older I get younger. You wish it was like that right? Yeah,same. Anyway,nostalgia is getting the better part of me and i am starting to recall the good old days of Kenyan TV and how every age group was catered for beyond satisfaction

Who remembers watching unlimited(or at least what seemed to be unlimited)Cartoon Network and Telly Tabbies on local stations? If you missed PowerPuffGirls or KidsNextDoor every evening after school you were either a parent,unwell or you used to attend tuition. What of now? I feel for my young siz.
Seriously though,who never watched The Beat? Who never knew all local songs by artiste and title? But alas! MTV happened and we now even know all Chris Breezy’s songs before they have been officially released and if someone was to mention the word Majirani to you,you’d simply reply,”oh yah,our neighbours are very friendly”. SMH
Young Adults
Hiki ni Kisulisuli,chenye upepo mkali…” Every young person understood what love meant and how to treat the significant other in the African context way. Oh,silly me,I forgot Mexicans know how to love better.
Our national broadcaster wowed with the Sundowner show. Hey you youngster reading this,don’t even imagine for a second that you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the show was about how the sun sets. That’s FELONY. No mercy.
What can I say,digital migration and ‘dot com’ happened. I guess it’s for the best,yea?


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