This week has been one curraaaaaaazzy one. So,hold on tight as we take a look at the news that made headlines this week in Tinseltown and other parts(but mostly in Tinseltown).

Meagan “Bad”
Meagan Good,known for her roles in TV shows such as Carlifornication and Zane’s Chronicles,is under attack for her dressing. This is because she is married to a minister,a church minister and people think she should dress more like a minister’s wife. DeVon Franklin,her husband, has come out in support of her saying he doesn’t own her and she can make her own decisions. Meagan,just be a good girl and dress “churchly”. But heck,her dress her choice.
Ciara has a new bf,Russell Wilson(pic above). So what if she has a new guy right? Wait for it. Her guy is a christian,a devout and saved christian. This is where the story gets juicier. He says he won’t bang her until they are officially hitched. It ain’t easy coz Lord forgive me but if I was NFL player Russell,I would bang the living sh*t outta her*winks*.SIDEBAR;they will be in my prayers as they go through this tough phase.
Teen Bride?
Tyga is one ambitious tiger. Rumor has it that he is planning on proposing to Kendall Jenner,17yo on maybe her 18th birthday. Tyga is 25yo and he is planning on moving in with Kendall at her mansion. Plus a little birdie said he was having an affair with a transgender while still with Kendall. My reaction;WTF!
Butty Bieber
Dear Bieber,when will you ever learn that posing nude on IG is no way to quick fame but to quick ridicule. Though I am sure the baes wouldn’t complain. In fact they’d want more. Ha! And am lucky I had the insight of not posting that pic here. I don’t want to lose all girls on my IG handle *smirk*
Paris,Dior and Lupita
Our girl Lupie was spotted this week at the Paris Fashion Week. She joined other A-listers in showing support for French couture house Christian Dior.

And that’s a wrap. What crazies have you landed on this week??


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