Let’s take a moment of silence for the man(above) who made a legacy on Kenyan TV family viewing. Mzee Kajwang(Mr Wanjau) you will long live to be remembered. Rest in peace and condolences to his family
And to other news…there’s a new Kenyan Caitlyn Jenner


Jackson Irungu,a Kenyan stylist and an open cross dresser,is now officially transitioning to womanhood. He is pushing the bounds and i say to each his own. Let everyone live the life they’ve wanted. Kudosfest.


*source:vibe weekly blog*
University Of Nutcases?(UoN)
I do not know how real this is but you have gotta read this letter by SONU chairman


Apparently,UoNers are demanding that President Obama visit them when he comes for the Global Entrepreneural Summit,failure to which some of them will commit suicide,others urinate in public roads etc etc etc etc. To uni of Nairobi,keep up,I admire your determination. Reaaaaaaaaally I do. But on the real….. *Yawnfest*
Drama In Eldoret
University of Eldoret was closed down recently due to chaotic behaviour by students of which the VC is blaming it on local politicians. And now,Moi University in Eldoret has also been closed down after a fracas due to elections of student leaders. Earlier on the week,some students in the Moi University West Campus were involved in a love scandal where some got stabbed to death. I can’t deal. I need to stop there and ask,what’s freaking going on???


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