MAN-TALK-MONDAY:5 rules for men


This piece is for those men who wanna become pop culture icons,those already in the pop scene but need an ASAP upgrade or for you young stallions living in this age of culture that is popular globally. Pop culture refers to the trends in behaviours,clothes and consumables that are current in today’s world and that are synonymous in almost all parts of the world. So,as man in today’s world of pop culture, what rules are you expected to follow?

A is for ABS! No,not African Broadcasting Services but Abs. This rule mainly applies to aspirants of pop culture fame and those in the game. You need to get you that set of six belly muscles. No wobbly fat there,ewww! This translates to simply maintaining good health. Take care of yourself.
B is for beautiful baes. The one thing you should surround yourself with is beautiful ‘thangs. When wee see your baes we need to go like,”Oh My Word,can Caitlyn Jenner give me tips on how I can transform into that dude!” But remember,beauty is only beauty if it’s skin deep.
Current is for C. Don’t tell me that you are a young Kenyan and you don’t know what Spreadzone,ehem,Ghafla is or who Sharon Mundia is engaged to. Or worse you’re an aspiring designer and you’ve never heard of the words Wambui Mukenyi or FAFA. Oh wait,you’re not on IG??*passes out*
D is for divine design. This is the most important rule of pop culture,STYLE UP!
E is for epic. The pop world hates one thing,and that is you and your lazy self. Do something epic, something that will show your worth to the world. Start a website,sing a song,get a million IG followers, date Brigid Shighadi,read my blog*coughs*,start a reality show and make a name plus money. Point is,do something,something epic. Simply put,work at something.
I could go all the way to Z,but that’s another rule,keeping it simple. Though one rule that will remain eternally is BE ORIGINAL,BE YOURSELF AT YOUR CORE NO MATTER WHAT ISHT.


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