In The Headlines


Tuesday is the day we catch up on local stories making news and maaaan I swear celebville and pop culture never sleeps. There’s a whole lotta ish going on but let’s bite what we can chew…

Huddah Kayai
Huddah is on the spot again,but this time,not for ratchetness but for an Oscar-worthy performance. While everyone was mourning Vitimbi legendary actor Mr Ojwang, Lady H took to social media to say how she reminisces working at Vitimbi. How she played the role of Mama Kayai,a fake at least. Huddah as a fake Mama Kayai?? Haha,I totally wish I saw that part. Remember that day when it was raining cats and dogs,literally,when was it?? I bet that’s the day the M in Monroe was turned into Mama!


There’s the evidence
There is a nasty rumor making rounds that the famous festival Blankets and Wine is closing shop and opening it’s doors to an African Nouveau Festival. After 6 years and so much effort? *insert sad face here*
Jeff ‘Oh Mighty
My oh my,these are the words you’re gonna hear when Jeff Koinange interviews Mr O. O for Obama. Wow,that guy can pull off interviewing even you’re no-nonsense granny and still get away with asking them hard questions like,”you have got to tell me when was the last time you got romped by your man,my oh my I want to know”.
Sauti Sol Squared Up
Oh boy,it happened again. Our high flying boy band were beaten at the MAMAs 2015 in Durban by none other than P-Square. Whyyyyyyyyyy???? Are P-Square boys even legally allowed to be winning awards or even singing in this day and age?? Last time I checked they were turning 147 years old!! Okay,my apologies. Daaamnit damnit damnit!!
Wape,or not

DJ Pierra released a new song,Wape. She shows off her super-synched body in the video for Team Mafisi to devour but seems a few people want to play Teamsy. The reviews for her song are not so positive but what can I say,you can’t blame a girl for trying now can ya?
In other news
• The Bahati and Willy Paul feud goes on
• Over 250 retrenched workers at Standard Media decry foul play
• Jimmy Gait releases new track “Dathima”(bless me)
And that’s a wrap guys,what else have you heard?


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