It’s a treat! Glossy magazine covers for you


Ladies,today is the day I get to become your bestie because I am going to spoil you with glamorous fashion magazine covers until you say,no more. We also get to breakdown these covers and decide which one wins
Above,Nicole Kidman covers American Vogue and she’s as stunning as usual


This Zen magazine is by Nigerians and I have to say they have a knack for creativity


Couture Africa magazine,our very own Kenyan fashion publication. Look at those dimples there,Awoooooo


Princess Rihrih covers Elle magazine South Africa. I think she is blowing me a kiss over there *smiles to self*


And finally,the all amazing Amber Heard on the cover of July’s American Elle. Amber Heard is Johnny Depp’s apple of the eye. She does justice to that amazing magazine. What can I say,Johnny,u gat taste man..dzaaaaaaamn!
*coughs* Anyway,what do you think of those covers and which one does it for you ladies??
If I am now officially your besty hands up!


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