A look back into pop culture trends:TWERKING


Twerking……it came,it saw,it conquered and did it leave?? This t-word was one of the hottest,and I mean oven-hot,sensations that had taken over pop culture some time back. Do you miss your history class? Oh wow,you do. Ok ok maybe you don’t but I am about to take you through a lesson under the unit,”History and development of the Twerk dance”

Introduced by a celeb who wanted to make a name for herself,twerking begun in the late 2013-2014. Miley Cyrus,as she is popularly known,is the one associated with the dance. Twerking involved shaking of the b-word especially for those females with less weightier errrrrrrr assests. Queen Miley is not particularly thick that’s why.
Suddenly,twerking became a global phenomenon. Scientists were keen to study how women were doing it and even claimed that the dance never emanated from Miley but was brought about by the Big Bang Theory of booty dance. Writers wrote books about it and Youtubers created vids on how to twerk it like a twerkstar. The Brits even held a meeting to have the word fixed into the Oxford Dictionary.
Arrival in Kenya
The rise of socialites like Vera Sidika and Huddah saw them introduce the phenomenon where they got into cat fights,booty and boob jobs and even landed Nigerian millionaire bfs all because of the twerk. This dance though,got mixed reactions from Kenyans as many never really understood what it was. Is it a bleaching drug? Some asked.
Current state
We are not very sure where twerking stands at the moment but doctors and specialists all over the world are confirming that the crazy fever has subsided substantially. The question remains,when will the twerk-fever hit again and most importantly,are we ready for it again?
Thank you for attendance,your history class is now dismissed.


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