PrettyLittleLives:Lessons and failures


This is the story of four girls. They are BEE-YOU-TIFUL(I hope that pic makes you see that even though not super clearly). They are popular. Clearly,otherwise I wouldn’t even be writing about them. And they are always in danger from an anonymous person(s) who goes by the name….A. This is what the American TV series Pretty Little Liars is basically about. The story begins from a friendship of 5 girls…..

…….and the story goes on and on..well,I just remembered I ain’t no storyteller. Okay,cheesy pun there. Apologies. What has this TV  show shone light on??
•Secrets can be very destructive- the A in the show thrives on the girls’ secrets. Which means that for us in the real world,if we are not very careful with the secrets we keep in a bid to protect ourselves or save others from pain,when it all comes out,we wont  have A to blame. We need to realize that darkness,when hidden,is only going to create more problems. Someone may take advantage and destroy us. Truth,though crazy at times,will always be the winner.
•We need the right friends in our lives. At times all signs are there. Some of our friends grow red horns and have vampire teeth when it turns dark yet we will still stick with them. They will use us,manipulate us and later crush us. Who is to blame?
The show has failed to show us the real life of A. Do you think that a person who thrives on revenge and planning others’ downfall is ever happy? That is even a case of psychosis. Sickness of the mind.

Bitterness and malice is not what humans were made for. It will kill you eventually.
•Okay,I’m gonna ask the producers and writer Sara Shepard of the book on which the show is based on,for the last time WHO THE EFF IS FREAKIN’ A!?
*lol,I think this pic was meant for me*


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