Throwback Hit Song:SARI SARI


What happens when you combine gospel vibe,a killer duo and a well shot video?? get a smashing hit..SARI SARI. Yes,that song by Antoneosoul and DK Kwenye Beat. Oh no,don’t tell me you were thinking of a Gloria/Willy song! That’s for next time. And for those who are trying to convince themselves that sari sari is not a throwback hit,I mean hello! Haven’t you heard that this is 2015 and the song is so 2012? Now you have. So,let’s analyse this gospel smash hit….

Why was it a smash hit?
This is the 1st question we need to ask ourselves. Why did this song grab our attention so much. It even managed to run away with our attention for a while.
Dancey feel to it
Tell me if I am the only one who felt like jumping in front of the class(was still in highschool by then. It’s that old) and sari sariiing to the beats?Yea,I know,we are many of us in that boat.
Informal edge
The title of the song,Sari Sari,which is derived from the English word Satisfaction,gave the song the oomph and sassy-ness it needed to hit the high notes.
What impact did it have?
Question 2 there. Everything has an effect. Heck,even you passing wind in public has an effect. Everyone stays the heck away from you. Ok,gross. So,did sari sari leave an impact?
It brought “sexy” back in the gospel industry
The local gospel industry really needed to up its game and sari sari had just given a clear picture of how to do that. The song was just timely.
Catapulted Antoneosoul and DK to a new level of high.
Antoneosoul was really recognized for his voice and errrr…dancing skills

. DK Kwenye Beat,though having been in the game for long,really got the break he needed. Yes,the break from being sidelined by others. The two were now the drug we all couldn’t live without. Paradise I tell you it must have been for them. Still is. Somehow.
How do we feel about it now?
I feel it was a bit of a hit-and-run because it hit high then crawled to the bottom and hid in the bushes but we still miss the song. Some of us still have it in our playlists.
But hey,how do you feel about your old fake Prada T-shirt or party dress you wore on your first night out? *ahem*,no comments. Thank you.
And to those who say the song wasn’t so on point,those who say I have just praised the song for no reason,here is a memo for you


I mean really…that is what Taylor said,not me. It’s her face there ain’t it??? 🙂


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