#KOW:Kenyans On Wikipedia


And by Kenyans on Wikipedia I mean famous Kenyans. Yea right,if you not famous,sorry. So,how many times have you googled about the life and times of Kim Kardashian West? Countless,I know. I do it too. How many times though do you google “Daniel Ndambuki life history wiki”?
Maybe it’s because they do not have a wikipedia page. You think. Worry not. Here are a few Kenyan A-listers with a wikipedia page. Complete bio. Thank me later.
Eric Wainaina
Suzzana Owiyo
Jua Cali
Stella Mwangi
Daniel Ndambuki(Churchill)
Only Vera Sidika,so much for the likes of Corazon
Actors and actresses
Lupita Nyong’o
Eddie Gathegi
Walter Nyambane
Eddie Butita(the comedian,he also acts)
Nicholas Munene Mutuma(relax,it’s Nick Mutuma,I know many of you even don’t know his full name)
And that’s just about it. Those are just a few. There are probably others. Add if you’ve seen their wikipedia pages. Thought it would be a good spinoff from the usual local gossip updates. What’s your take??
Tell me you will google their wikipedia pages pleaaaase?


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