WCW:Hollywood & African,proudly so


Woman crush Wednesday is here and the only thing left is to say kudos to the ladies and as men tell our eyes to keep calm and ogle *look* at these beautiful babes. The Mad Max Fury Road actress Charlize is not the only one making a name for Africa. They are in the Hollywood machine,on high fashion catwalks and putting the F in fly *winks and coughs* Best part is they are all African and proud of it.

Candice McClure
She is Dr. Clementine on popular series Hemlock Grove. South African native.


I mean what’s not to love there. Yea,we would all want her to be our “doctor”. Best job for her though is to continue making Africa proud.
Gugu Mbatha Raw
She has Zimbabwean roots and she has starred in movies like Beyond The Lights. I do have to say Prezo Mugabe knows how to maintain his girls.


Sweet. And that’s it. Enough looking at her guys. She’s taken. *sad face*.
Azie Tesfai
QuickDidYouKnow;Jane The Virgin starlet has Eritrean and Ethiopian roots. She simply claims to have East African heritage. Did you get that? East African heritage. Ahem,I am from East Africa. Who said I am bragging? No I am not,because I haven’t even started*smirk*


I have passed a law. All virgins henceforth should look like her.
Herieth Paul
Tanzanian supermodel. East Africa we getting looooooove. With a capital L.


Yassssss. Bae,keep staring at my cute face.
Ajak Deng
The south Sudanese model is flying higher than you can say “haute couture afrique”. She has modeled for major fashion brands. And by major I mean the likes of Prada.


Killer smile there.
African power cannot be undermined,whether it’s hollywood-ing or modeling. We say keep up to those ladies making Africa proud on a global platform. What’s your view?? Any more African actresses in Hollywood and models you know of?


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