Throwback Pop Culture Trends;FACEBOOK


This is the segment where we go down the memory lane of some of the most crazy trends in the world of pop culture. So,how about some Facebook? How many of you remember when Facebook first knocked on our doors? At around late 2008 and it blew up from around 2010 and it was all the fever? Well,I do…or at least I will attempt to jog your memory
‘IT’ crowd
These were the first Kenyan humans to join the new spaceship called fb. Dzaaamn,I mean you couldn’t talk to some guys(and girls) without them going,”what’s your Facebook name?” and if you were(or is) the type of human who got the memo last that fb “be happening” you were in T.R.O.U.B
Let the weird names begin..and never end
No,I think I should sit this one out and give it to you readers. Do you remember what your first Facebook name sounded like? Ha ha ha,you have got to be outta ya mind if you think I will tell you mine. *insert embarrassed face here*.
Chemistry 101
Back when the word bae hadn’t been invented there was Facebook romance and all the lovey-dovey names you wanted were there. Why? Every minute was spent updating relationship status by the,yea you got it,the young love birds. I excluded *ahem*. The trend though still continues even in 2015.
Current status
Apart from being sidelined by IG,I leave it to the real hardcore facebookers to update the status on this one.


Sidenote:that pic though shows that they updated their status already.
Signing out. Share your first weird Facebook username. Promise I won’t laugh. I will only not laugh after I’ve laughed hard enough and to my satisfaction. Once again,don’t feel shy.


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