DEATH MUST DIE by Pinniey .W.Marleysah



I am invincible, immortal, unbeatable,
indestructible in my campus days.
That’s what being in your early 20s is all
about. You argue madly, love deeply, you
eat life with a spade, to hell with the big
spoon. Everything is magnified. The
good times are very good and the bad
times are dreadful.
You want to take on the world and
sometimes you do – the dare is too big
and your whole life lies ahead of you in
a wondrous rainbow of hope and life
and opportunities and adventures and
stories yet untold. I can still say it has taken me another decade in school to
love, live, learn, soar, aspire, do, dream.
I am that “controversial” 20year-old
chick on blogs. I am fearless, wide-eyed,
blazing, hungry, eager. I am that
Hakeem,Jamal and Tiana all in one – on
steroids. I don’t drink 
either, so imagine my clarity of thought,

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