In Hollywood News


We all know tinseltown never sleeps. A lot is happening there and we got a glimpse of what’s trending. But before that,all Pretty Little Liars fans should know that A was finally revealed and its Cece Drake. And she is transgender. Seems like someone borrowed notes from Orange Is the New Black

Apart from that slight dissapointment,there is something Africans can be proud of
The Daily Show:Exit America Enter Africa
Jon Stewart quite one of the most popular American comedy shows. His show actually. That’s old news. *yawning*. But the good news is,the new host and staff writer are Africans. Trevor Noah(South African) and David Kibuuka(Ugandan). Also old news. But who cares,they are African.*happy face*


Ahem,ladies,we see you.
Straight Outta Compton
It’s trending. It’s a movie. About the influential American rap group N.W.A. And it’s getting mad love. Oh,by mad love I mean $50m at the box office in its opening week.


So,if you’re into gang violence and police harassment,bingo! It’s very real. This is the sh*t that happens to blacks. Waaaah,I am just tired of explaining about this movie,we just all need to watch it. ASAP. If you won’t watch,that’s felony.
Mocking Jay:What a c*nt
I got this pic from the interwebs. It’s harmless. It’s a poster of the new Hunger Games sequel starring Jennifer Lawrence. So,no harm done you see.


Now read from 100-the last zero+unt! …what do see now? Umh,if you still haven’t figured it out oopsie,sorry.
Terrence’s Dramarama


  The drama between Empire star Terrence and his wife(ex) Ghent doesn’t stop. Apparently she wanted to expose a nude vid of a dancing Terrence and she claims Terrence was a violent husband. Marriage just gets crazy every damn day. Is there any university offering a PhD in marriage management?

Wendy Williams Vs. Ariana Grande
There is a beef,tweef,whatever between talk show host and a musician. It’s not a fair fight. Between a not-so-young lady who hosts a popular TV show and a very very very very young musician who MAKES POPULAR music,who do you think is likely to win?? Yea,the young Ariana. Wendy Williams body-shamed Ariana on her show and minutes later the trending topic on twitter was #CancelTheWendyWilliamsShow. Need I write more?


So,if Wendy was to fall down,we know what Ariana’s reaction would be. *meh*


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