OCTOPIZZO|4 movies he should star in


Our ManCrushMonday is rap king Octo. Number 8 is king at it;rapping,beefing with Khaligraph(should totally stop) and style. What if Octo was king at something new,something like acting,how would it be? Let’s hit it up maestro

Have you watched this animation? About an alien-invasion of a species known as boov? If you haven’t,there’s a character named “Oh”. Funny name right? What’s even funnier is that Oh speaks very funny English like in one of the lines he says,”it could have been badness.” Seriously. It would be interesting to hear how Octopizzo’s voice would sound as the character of “Oh”. *smiley*. But I am sure tip would say..


Girls love love. Okay some men also love love. Fine,we all love love and we try to hide it. But also,BABES.LOVE.OCTOPIZZO. We can’t all be Prince Charming can we? Picture Octopizzo as the Prince who saves Princess Ella from poverty in the movie Cinderella. Lovely,right? Octo whadya think?


Octo hasn’t answered but we know how Princess Ella would feel. *winks*
“The name’s Bond. James Bond.” In a Bond flick I think Octo would go like,”The name’s Number Nane. Octopizzo no.8.” Perfecto.
Melissa McCarthy are you there? Would you like Octo as your side kick? Spy is one of those spy-cum-comedy flicks that will leave you feeling YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS. And Octo knows that we like him as a good guy, not a villain. So,if he decides to play a part in this movie,he’s playing Mr.Nice. Though I also doubt Melissa will let Octo get away that easily


No,he’s not Kenyan.*ahem*


So,Octo,still want that part?
Octopizzo is the rap king we love. Should he venture into movies,I will be the producer and director,okay Octo?
#TeamOctoNumber8 all the way.
May success follow this determined Kenyan musician.


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