CampusLately:Creating A Future


*Introducing the new segment that will be all about all things campus*
All through your education life,there’s one thing you wanted or at least were being directed to. Campus life. You studied hard in primary school to get to a good high school. You studied even harder to get yourself to varsity. For those of you who were fortunate enough to get there,what next?

Typical life
Do you hang out with your friends every chance you get? Do you watch or at least try to catch up on the latest movie/series in town? Are you a party animal(gosh,who even coined that term?) and every morning for you is like this?


Do you spend less time on books? Yea,same. And for quite a number of campus students,that’s the life.
Campo is?
Varsity education is important,very important. Why? It is there to give you the skills to get your dream job,key word,dream. It is there to help you view the world on a broader perspective. To help you find a long-term relationship with your job in the future. The $1m question is though,how are you preparing for your future?
Bigger picture
All campusers need to ask themselves the following questions;
a) Would you hire yourself if you were on the employer’s seat?
b) If not,what would you like to see in the person you would employ?
c) What steps are you taking NOW to prepare yourself for your FUTURE DREAM JOB?
I have a couple of friends who take life too seriously. I mean,you’re in campus to party like you gonna die the next day!!! If you have jumped and smiled to that statement,I was joking. There’s a computer science student who tries to learn all about ethical hacking on his own. He has even joined an online club of hackers. An education student friend of mine always looks for opportunities to teach when she can. Have I told you of this writer-in-the-making friend of mine who never goes to bed unless he has written something? Guys,this is what we call PASSION. Taking that extra effort to do something you know will earn you a few points with your prospective employer. Believing that the future is yours and taking a proactive approach towards building it.
Have a good day y’all. And remember,the future belongs to those who dare to dream. What! That’s crap. The future belongs to those trying to create one NOW.
Do something today. Stay positive.


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