Local Showbiz Updates


Forgive me peeps. I know I should have written local gossip updates as the headlines,but hey,gossiping is bad. It’s a sin.*shrinks*. Now that we have that all cleared up,where do we begin?
Avril sees the light
I felt good when I heard this news. It’s always good to hear someone(a famous someone) who has seen the light spiritually and is crossing over to the Godly side. We can’t confirm this but apparently Christina Shusho is the one who pushed her in the right direction during a Catholic University of East Africa event. Is the world actually coming to an end?
Let’s play teamsy
Up and rising rap goddess Wangechi is soon to make a collabo with,wait for it….*drumrolls*…..NE-YO! We can’t do nothing but wish her the best and hope it comes to fruition.
Note to self: when this song comes out,I will listen to it until it get bored of it. I am def sure it’s gonna be a smash. Can’t wait.
Mollis just got exposed
This pic FIGH-NALLY reveals who the infamous Mollis is


Or does it??? The internet nowadays…*smdh*…sorry to the guy in the ID for this. No malice intended.
Teacher is carrying a little student
She went really quiet. The best of us miss this comedian’s jokes but here’s some news about her. She is with child. And looking totally prettified in this photoshoot pic. Photoshoot not photoshop. Read properly geez.


Awwwwwwwwww :*
Afadhali Yesu
I don’t usually talk about music on Tuesdays but Size8 has a new jam. It’s titled Afadhali Yesu(better Christ). It’s amazing. I task you with looking it up. I told you the world is coming to an end.
OLXSOMA Awards 2015


This is like the Oscars of Social Media. This award is for those making positive and meaningful impact through social media platforms. The nominees list comes out tomorrow.
Please guys don’t tell me you never nominated me. The list will be out tomorrow and I will know. Even entertaining you guys with this pop culture juice is meaningful right? Nice day y’all.
Signing out.


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