Women|Body parts that matter


Booty,boobs,nice legs in that order. You wicked little pervs. It would be fun for the guys if those were the body parts that reaaaaaaaaaally matter when it comes to women. What are those body parts that really matter in a woman? Guys,brace yourselves,ladies,you’ll thank me later after this read. Welcome to pop culture

This is the part of the body that holds the brain. And there’s nothing as sexy as an educated woman. It doesn’t matter if she has a certificate level education or a PhD. If a woman can get herself education and have something to show for it,bingo!
What alarm goes off every time you watch Olivia Pope on Scandal?


And what alarm goes off when you see this “miss gurl” in Spartacus?


Ladies and men,your verdict? Yep,we know the answer.
Get your minds off the gutter! *chokes* gotta admit that even I had my head down the rabbit hole errrr *clears throat* but which point am I trying to drive home with all the chest talking? THE HEART. A woman with a steady heart is what makes her matter. Our souls are very imperative,but we know when a woman stands her ground and follows her passions till she reaches her success,it is something the world will always say YES, SHE IS THE ONE.


Let’s celebrate women everyday,not just their bodies.
Signing out.


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