I would have gone with the usual “how many of you remember this song?” but I have this nagging feeling that we all love(d) and miss this song. You Guy by P-Unit and Collo. I’d like to make it clear that anything to do with 2012 is a throwback. It’s pop culture rules not me. Back to the song,I will only ask 5 Questions..
1) How many times did you listen to that song?…and be honest…


2) Scratch that first question how many times did you look at Vera’s B* thang!?….men we see you…


3) Did you at any one point criticise the song or compare it to Robin Thicke’s “blurred lines”?…ladies,dare lie…or worse…


4) How many times did you use this phrase “roooooooooogaring me” in texts or even in convos?
5) Are you seriously answering those questions in your head as you read?…coz if you are,I am laughing my heart out right now at you..
We all loved the song. It had Its flaws. Nonetheless it was a great hit. Though it got some flack for its sexual innuendo,it made it. It made it in blogs,newspaper columns and in the mouths of critiques but also in the ears of devout song lovers and fans.
It’s 2015,let’s forget about it and move on. What! Hell no on that one,if you are reading this post and happen to hear the song anywhere,put it on loud speaker please! Love for ‘dendai’ is eternal. Kapish.
Signing out Spreadzoners. Have yourselves a nice one.


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