Hollywood news update


Stop stop stop stoooooop! Is Kylie Jenner ever going to be given a break for dating Tyga? If it ain’t about how her family members are getting tired of her gushing about her boo it’s news about her crashing a car Tyga gave her *sigh* well,I guess this is Hollywood. Welcome to the machine

Caitlyn Jenner for Manslaughter charges


Sometime back,Bruce Jenner was involved in an accident which left four dead and now after transitioning,her past has caught up with her. She’s facing charges of manslaughter and she is terrified of it. Who wouldn’t?
2 things that Caitlyn and Kenya’s pastor Ng’ang’a have in common;
1-they are both high profile personalities and they were involved in accidents that left others dead.
2-probably they thought their status and wealth would prevent justice from prevailing. Just a simple man’s opinion.
Madame Nicki Minaj


Anaconda just got fake,in a good fake way. Bad-ass Nicki Minaj’s bod was waxed at the Madame Tussaud’s museum for the world to see. The waxed version captured Nicki in the costume she wore in her song Anaconda


Though there was a bit of a furor when fans started showing too much love. Whadya think? Yay or yaaaaaaaay for the wax??? 🙂

Rihanna’s “new guy”


I love me some Riri. I love me all of Riri not just some but Matt Barnes(NBA star) says he loves her and he’s an adult so he can’t lie about the relationship. My girl Riri posted that pic and cleared it all up. Barnes,please read again! *these chics be for everybody* 🙂
Meagan Fox outfoxes hubby Brian Greene
Ladies nowadays are hard to trust. You think you have her eating out of your palm and then kaboom! She’s shagging someone else!


There’s power in the D* truly. Yeap,Meagan Fox did the nasty with someone else and now she is splitting with husband Brian Greene. Shame.
*and while Meagan is putting the final nails to the coffin of her marriage,Sofia Vergara and boo have sent invites for their soon-to-be wedding. Life happens doesn’t it?*
Ashley Madison Exposed



Donno if you heard of this adultery website where you can hook up with anyone and get away with it. The tagline on their logo tells it all. Though everything was confidential. Famous last words until some hackers exposed all the cheating hubbies recently.
Are you in a marriage or longterm relationship? Please confirm with the list so that you are sure your man or woman is not there.
Otherwise to those exposed,prepare for trouble in paradise. Can’t wait to hear which famous hollywood a-lister is in the list of exposed adulturers. I mean c’mon,they were going to be found out anyway.
What has your week been like?? Are peeps gossiping about you like you are some hollywood hotshot??
I’d love to know. Not to console you. But to also write a hot juicy gossip about you here silly. Just kidding. Have yourselves a nice one Spreadzoners.


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