TV shows:Mr Robot


I haven’t watched this series yet but here are a few pointers about the much-talked-about show that critics and viewers say it’s a must watch
Its a technological/psychological thriller about a comp-wiz who has anxiety issues and connects to people delusionally by hacking them
What to expect if you haven’t watched it
There will be many instances for you the viewer where you will be confused about whether the protagonist is in the real world or just in his delusional state. Advice: be keen and don’t watch under any influence 🙂
Gay sex is prevalent and there are some other graphic sex scenes. R rated!


This show has already won an award and the reception was so positive that a second season is already in the making so you won’t have to worry about lost storylines. This proves one thing, its a worthy watch.
Have you watched it? Did you like it? Share you experience and thoughts here. It’s a USA Network production.
If you haven’t watched it(like me),happy viewing y’all!


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