BoxOfficeWatch;Transporter and Maze Runner


The Transporter is gonna be hitting our silver screens again. The third installment of the movie is set to premiere this September

Are you excited? What or who will he be transporting and which baes will be showing their banging bodies in the movie? And who is playing the new transporter? Stay tuned for deets.


Maze Runner yay! No beige walls when it comes to this flick. Tell me I am biased and will heckle you. I loved this movie. The second installment is also set to premiere this September.
Are you excited for these renewals and will you watch them? Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “BoxOfficeWatch;Transporter and Maze Runner

  1. kelvin says:

    Cant wait for transporter to come out..the trailer is just thrilling i cant imagine how the whole movie will look like..i wish they could have released the maze runner earlier,dope muvy✌


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