Awards…nothing new…


Which cave have I been living under? I have just found out that there is a Bingwa Music Awards in Kenya *shrugs* Well,what do we expect?

Let’s be honest, the artistes and the personalities who are going to win are the ones you know because they are the ones who have been nominated. Nothing new there. Until when are we going to keep recycling people and never giving a chance to new and upcoming artistes,personalities etc and yet we complain that there is little growth in the industry?
Or am I jumping the gun here?
You know i’m right. Patience *meh*,anyway,let’s see who will win.
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4 thoughts on “Awards…nothing new…

  1. kelvin says:

    I think you are both wrong..its not a matter of whether the guys being nominated for the awards are already about giving them the credit they deserve for their efforts n the time they put in n to motivate them work even harder..we cant blame them for their nominations if the upcoming artists arent puting in as much as the ‘celebs’…it would be better if we say that upcoming artists should be given a category of their own so that they can all grow..after all,they are all our local artists n we shuld promote them rather than choose among them


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